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White Cap's Maccaferri TerraWall: The Ideal Solution for Vertical MSE Structures

When an engineer needed a near-vertical MSE structure to support a new road connecting the Golden Heights Residential Development, White Cap's Maccaferri TerraWall proved to be the ideal solution. At 6.25 meters in height by 65 meters long, the wall had to be strong, durable, and easy to install. The engineer was impressed by the TerraWall's design and features, as well as the quick and efficient installation process.

Products Used:
Profile ProMatrix™ (3000 Bales) & Curlex® Enforcer® TRM (810 Rolls - 40,500 m2)

Carstairs, Alberta

Rocky Mountain Motor Sports

Whissell Contracting - Calgary, Alberta

Sub Contractor:
Earthfix Inc. - Calgary, Alberta


Vegetation Application

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