19th Street Corridor - Red Deer, AB

The City of Red Deer embarked on a project to enhance the 19th Street Corridor between Irwin Avenue and Gaetz Avenue. This corridor was facing multiple challenges, including weak and wet subgrades and high traffic volumes, which were causing persistent maintenance issues and traffic disruptions for local residents and businesses. In order to address these issues, the city authorities identified the need for significant improvements along this corridor.

Project Contractor: Pidherney's Inc.

Project Engineer: Stantec Consulting

Brock White Representative: Jeremy Whalen

For this project, Stantec Consulting, the engineering firm, selected NAUE Combigrid 30/30. This product was chosen for its proven performance, integrated separator layer within the biaxial grid matrix, and high strengths at low strain. The unique design of NAUE Combigrid, with its single composite layer in 4.75m wide roll widths, provided several advantages for Pidherney's Inc. This included optimizing their time on site and reducing wastage compared to other products. Additionally, the design of NAUE Combigrid enabled it to gain strength more quickly during compaction, which was particularly advantageous given the shorter Canadian construction seasons.

Under the guidance of Stantec Consulting, Pidherney's Inc undertook the construction work on the 19th Street improvements project. The installation of NAUE Combigrid 30/30, with its integrated separator layer, played a crucial role in reinforcing the subgrades and enhancing the overall strength of the roadway. This choice of product allowed for efficient installation, minimizing both time and material wastage. 




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