What Additional Products Do I Need For My Concrete Forming Project?

When it comes to completing a concrete forming project, the first thing you must do is research the type of forming system you’ll be using. Through this research, you’ll be able to identify the concrete solution you will require, as well as the tools, hardware, and material you will need to get the job done right.

By using the proper forming accessories, chemicals, and reinforcement products, such as rebar support, wire ties, and more, you’ll help to avoid any delays in your project and prevent costly rework. 

Concrete Forming Projects

When it comes to basic concrete forming for DIY-ers, simple hardware such as a tape measure, nails, wood, and stakes may be enough. However, for more complex projects, more advanced hardware is absolutely necessary.  

Failing to have all of the right tools on hand can lead to the improper installation of concrete. Therefore, It is critical to investigate the proper framework, accessories, anchoring tools, and concrete products at length. 

Below we examine the different sectors of concrete forming hardware and how each will support the completion of your next concrete forming project: 

Forming Systems

Concrete forming systems and hardware are used to create a temporary mold for concrete. Concrete forming can be completed by simply using plywood and 2x4s or by utilizing prefabricated modular panels that are available in different materials.

Note that while timber-based forming systems are cheaper, modular-forming systems can be used over and over again.

To learn more about forming systems, please visit our article, ‘Should I Use a Long-Term or Short-Term Use Forming System?’

Forming Accessories

Proper forming accessories will make sure that your final product is strong, safe, and durable. These accessories can bind forms together, provide support to the concrete through Mother Nature’s wear and tear, and ensure proper thickness and measurements are adhered to.

Our full line of reinforcing products includes products for both heavy duty and light duty projects, including rebar support, form savers, wire ties, concrete wire mesh, and so much more. However, keep in mind that heavy duty and light duty project are not the same and that some accessories serve the needs of one and not the other. 

At White Cap, we carry forming accessory products by Acrow-Richmond, Centennial Wire Products, Sika, UCAN, Erico, and more.  


Utilization of certain chemicals in the forming process can drastically reduce working time and speed up efficiencies on the job site. Chemicals can be used to make form removal easier, speed up the curing time, or can clean the forms after use.

We can supply you with a full range of chemicals such as form release and oil, concrete accelerators, curing agents and cleaners which will all work together to make the pouring and curing process go smoothly, and will help keep your forming system and tools in great condition.

With premium brands, such as Acrow-Richmond, W.R. Meadows, and Sika, NCA provides you with a wide selection of products for any of your concrete forming chemical needs.

Concrete Anchoring

At NCA, we provide many options for concrete anchoring in the forming process. Anchoring is used whenever there is a need to affix something to concrete after the concrete has hardened. It is more effective to embed the anchor in the concrete ahead of the pour as it creates a stronger bond in the concrete, but some applications require an anchor be affixed after the concrete or rock has occurred. 

Preset anchors are set during forming and provide a simple, accurate, and economical method for anchoring light poles, railings, guardrails, and signposts to structural concrete. The rock bolt and mesh pin program is designed to embed into the earth to ensure a secure and safe anchoring system, often required for transmission towers, retention walls, and tunnels.

At NCA, we carry anchoring products by Acrow-Richmond, UCAN, and more. 

Custom Products

Should your project require a unique forming accessory, our NCA team can help. We have a wide range of forming systems and concrete form hardware for temporary formwork, permanent formwork, timber based forming, and modular forming projects.

With our in-house engineering departments and over 100,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing, we produce high-quality Canadian made products, such as forming ties, coil rod, pre-set anchoring systems, rock bolts, and so much more. Should you need a custom product, get in touch with us today.


White Cap Concrete Forming Product Performance

No concrete forming project is too large or too small with White Cap. Our product range includes concrete forming products for projects including:

  • Flat work
  • Slab on grade
  • Anchoring
  • Foundational pours
  • Precast
  • High rise construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Roadwork
  • Bridges, and tunnels.


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